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Long Distance Comparison

Ever since the advent of internet telecom, competition among long distance carriers has been fierce. While this battle has caused major problems for traditional long distance carriers like AT&T, WorldCom and Sprint, it has been a blessing to customers who want more choice. That said, the sheer number of long distance offers may be confusing to people who simply want good, reliable, inexpensive service.

IBNtel is a uniquely affordable and effective telecom provider. We offer direct long distance for as little as 2.3 cents per minute for most phone numbers. Whether you're making personal long distance calls in the United States or business-related international calls, we can supply you with a reliable, customized plan. It's easy to switch to us--it usually only takes between three to five business days.

There are no minimum use requirements or set up fees associated with switching to IBNtel. You don't have to use any special codes to qualify for low IBNtel rates, either. We offer advanced calling features to make your long distance experience as worry free as possible--six second rounding, "reorigination" of calls, advanced redialing, balance on demand, and much more.

We also offer a panoply of other products to bring down your long distance telecom budget, including prepaid calling cards, phonecards, voice and data T1 connections, ISP services, web hosting services, and international callback services. Register today to start saving. We also invite you to call our hotline for more in-depth questions about our services and products.






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Sign up for a new VoIP Service Plan from IBNtel.  Many plans are available ranging from as low as $3.95/mo. to unlimited plans with international calling for $19/95/mo.  Contact customer service from more information.

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