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IBNtel offers domestic interstate long distance rates for as low as 1.7 cents per minute with NO MONTHLY FEES*. Our international rates are also hard to beat. We offer a whole array of calling services like wireless, dial around (dial an access code first), phone cards, personal and business toll free numbers and call back services to meet all your telecommunication needs.

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Switch your long distance carrier and get a domestic rate as low as 2.3 /min with NO MONTHLY FEES*. Our international rates are also some of the lowest anywhere. SIGN UP TODAY!!

Use an access code to make all your long distance calls. There's no need to switch your long distance carrier. The domestic interstate rate can be as low as 1.7 /min. It’s convenient and easy
to use.

Get a phone card with a USA rate as low as 1.7 /min. You can use it from anywhere in North America. A bill will be sent to you only in the month that you use the service.

Get a pre-paid calling card with a USA rate as low as 1.7 /min. You can use it from anywhere in North America. You can purchase your calling card online with a credit card and start using it right away.

If you have a business, a toll free number can be invaluable. Our toll free number rates are as low as 3.9 /min. We can activate your new number the same day and there's no monthly cost to you.

Sign up for our call back services so your friends from overseas can call you in the US for a fraction of what they would normally pay.

Long Distance Phone Service

Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on long distance phone service. By some estimates, at least one-fifth of that amount is wasted on excessive charges. Fortunately, by making smart decisions regarding long distance plans, consumers can avoid wasting hard earned dollars. All long distance service providers are not created equal. The key to getting the best service, at the lowest rates, is choosing providers with care.

Get the Best Long Distance Service
You need look no further than IBNtel to find top-notch service and rates you can afford. Ibntel provides low cost long distance services to individuals and businesses throughout the United States. Offerings include direct dial long distance, dial around, phone cards, prepaid calling cards, call back, and toll free numbers. In addition to telecommunications offerings, Ibntel provides customers with ISP and web hosting services.

Ibntel offers unbeatable direct dial rates on both domestic and international calls. With rates as low as 2.3 cents per minute, you can't go wrong! Ibntel even offers easy monthly billing to their direct dial customers as well as several convenient methods of payment from which to choose.

Ibntel offers a number of long distance service options with the lowest rates to be found on the Internet. You can count on Ibntel for reliable service, clear-cut billing, and no hidden fees. Ibntel takes pride in providing excellent customer service as well as 24 hour a day technical support. Sign up today! Call toll free at 1-888-865-8100 or sign up online at Ibntel.com

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Service News :

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Sign up for a new VoIP Service Plan from IBNtel.  Many plans are available ranging from as low as $3.95/mo. to unlimited plans with international calling for $19/95/mo.  Contact customer service from more information.

PO Box 4100
Oakton, VA 22124


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