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Where Else Can You Call Armenia So Affordably?

Long distance providers have always tried to nickel and dime their customers for every little thing. With IBNTel's long distance service, you never have to worry about excess charges again! Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Starting as low as 10.5 cents a minute, you can make calls to Armenia without worrying that you're going to be charged tons of money. What long distance provider has better service than that?

With IBNTel's long distance rates, you can be sure you are getting a great deal on all of your international calls. What's more, not only do they offer unbeatable prices for long distance phone calls; they also offer great domestic rates, starting at just 2.3 cents a minute. That's an unbelievable price. Plus, with IBNTel there's no more dialing confusing access numbers to make a long distance phone call. Direct dialing is just one of the many great features that come with IBNTel's long distance plan. What's more, there are no hidden fees or charges whatsoever - what you pay for are what you get, period.

IBNTel's long distance rates cannot be beat, and their domestic rates are the cheapest around too. With no hidden fees, why are you waiting to switch your long distance provider? IBNTel provides an excellent service with unbelievable prices, and will surely please your mind and your wallet. Switch your long distance provider to IBNTel today, and in three to five business days you can begin making as many affordable phone calls as you want!

Call IBNtel Today
Call us at (888) 865-8100 to sign up for service; our representatives are standing ready to help from you, and we are able to activate our direct dial services in as little as three business days (often times even faster). If you register for our dial around service, we can activate your account within 30 minutes. Additionally, you can visit www.ibntel.com to learn more about our service.







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Sign up for a new VoIP Service Plan from IBNtel.  Many plans are available ranging from as low as $3.95/mo. to unlimited plans with international calling for $19/95/mo.  Contact customer service from more information.

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